SOS develops outdoor water management strategies which maximize landscape health and appearance while minimizing water use.  Our solutions are individualized and quantifiable.  Our services include renovation of existing irrigation systems, improvement of struggling landscapes, minimizing waste from damage or scheduling issues, as well as punch list inspection, proactive consultation and solution creation for new, developing, and developed properties.


Typically, the first step in your new water management relationship will start with an assessment.  This assessment is a general inventory and qualitative measuring of your existing systems, which allows SOS to project savings, diagnose issues, and prescribe custom solutions for your properties.


Irrigation evaluations are typically the second step in the water management process (following an assessment), where detailed information is collected and reported based on conditions in the field and water billing history.  This is in report form, and typically accompanies a meeting to disseminate and explain the results.  It is critical because it helps build the overall plan and sets the direction for future water strategy on-site.


Irrigation systems’ plastic components age over time, and since sprinklers live in the ground where moisture, chemicals, and living beings are a part of the environment, after years the components stop functioning as efficiently as they used to.  In addition to natural aging, newer technology is available to improve efficiencies over technology used just five years prior.  Proactively upgrading sprinkler components that will have to be replaced at some juncture anyway as they fail is a great way to ratchet up water savings and stay ahead of the curve of ever increasing water rates.  SOS can build an RFP, project manage, and punch out the project to ensure the property is ready to save.


At SOS, we are big believers in third party inspections. We believe that it is one of the only ways to know the repairs reported are truly needed, that they are resolved in the most timely way possible, and that the system is functioning in good working order all of the time. An experienced, knowledgeable set of eyes, watching the system working, and covering the monitoring equipment so problems can be headed off at the pass, will truly save money and water. We have a variety of inspection plans, depending on the needs of the property, and the landscape maintenance resources that are otherwise available.


Active outdoor water management should include some type of system monitoring utilizing technology designed for the job. Remote monitoring can identify issues faster, reducing lag time between repair identification and repair completion, allow on the fly adjustments to schedules when needed or when the weather changes, and allow everyone full access to inspection reports, notes, and system history. Data is king, and the monitoring process ensures your property has the data it needs to evaluate the success of its programs, as well as aid in future planning.


Outdoor water management is a proactive way of addressing what is typically a reactive situation. Sprinkler parts age, wear out, and have to be replaced. Additionally, every property can’t afford to replace everything all at once to get ahead of the repair curve. Repair specifications can ensure that when repairs are needed on a property, they are completed utilizing the most efficient technology, with the standards of quality the property has determined to pursue, leaving nothing up to chance or the whim of the person completing the repair that particular day. SOS can help develop specs, bridge the gap with the Landscape Maintenance Company and property to make sure that everyone is on the same page, understands the goals of the specifications, and ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction.


Managing a property’s outdoor water systems requires tenacity, finesse, and passion. Water systems impact not only your bottom line, but many other systems and relationships on the property, so a holistic approach is critical, and cooperation and understanding among all entities is the only way to a successful result. SOS makes managing and building relationships a priority, with clients as well as related entities on a property, so that reporting becomes a resource, not a “gotcha,” and everybody shares in the property’s successes at one level or another.


Mindfully utilizing water resources is a new philosophy, and changes can’t always happen overnight. SOS can oversee long term planning, so that as your property grows and changes, water will remain an important feature in the efficiency and development of related goals and targets.


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